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IT Engineer

It's been late to office today but never been so early to leave office. It was 23:30 hours. The phone rang exactly when I was about to leave. They put me in conference call and they started talking about some blah blah... I could not come out as I was expecting some questions from them. I could not ride my motorcycle as my hand and ear are engaged. I could not have a look at my mails as I was so keen on listening to them. The time passed. The cafeteria was closed. All the restaurants were winding up for the day. I don't even had a biscuit, noodles, egg or bread at home. It started raining and I realized that I forgot to carry my jerkin in the morning. The girl at the gate was staring at me as if I splashed some mud on her. It's almost 30 minutes the next day. The dogs on my street were always been so crazy to jump on me and to chase my motorcycle. The guys in my room used to curse on me for being late to home since they wanted to wake up and open the door for me. I slep