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Being Spiritual vs Being fanatic

Being fanatic is like locking your brain and heart in a dark room and to live with such an idiotic belief that The God will do everything for you. All the Holy books say that be human, love human, help human and live like a human. Work hard, eat and die... Religion is just a way of living - it's not the way of killing. You should respect The God than having faith on him. If you respect God you can definitely respect human. God is within you - THATHWAMASI.

Photographs are immortal

Photography for me is all about to see the world in a different angle, notice the unnoticed, grab the beauty of people and nature. Capture the memories. A photograph is the only thing that will live even after death.

Doctors vs System administrators

Difference between Doctors and System Administrators - Doctors cure human body and Administrators cure computers. The only difference is the human body and the diseases are almost the same since years but computers keep on changing every month in terms of hardware and software. The fortunate thing for admins is they can take restart of the computer but doctors have no such privilege :-)