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Evide Manushyar

Partykal vyakthikaliloodeyum vyakthikal partykaliloodeyum, ivar randu perum mathangaliloodeyum samsarikunnu. Entho manushyare mathram njan evideyum kandilla. # Hari I

Photography - A hobby or passion

Photography – A hobby or passion These days, it’s very common that anyone who can afford a DSLR camera wear a title of photographer. So, what’s photography? How to start with it and gradually become a master? How to find happiness and inner peace by getting involved in it?   Who is a photographer? In reality, it’s not about how good or expensive your camera is. It’s all about your artistic mind, talent to think different, skill to see the things from a different aspect and perspective, ability to see life, love and nature in the things and convey such message in the form of a photograph. A precious camera never gives you these skills. It’s achieved either by your own born-talent or by practising it. Practice can be of anything from but limited to - observing other photographers, philosophy, painting, social work, animals, children, adventures, arts, sports, movies, etc. The frames and subjects are chose by the photographer, not by the camera. So, broader the mind with an ability to


To love someone is very easy but to get loved by someone is special. It means that you are blessed. You are the luckiest if it's unconditional and not for a sake. # Hari I

Turbulence of mind

The turbulence of mind. Those weak vibrations and grinds from the corners of it... The life is a resonance tube :-) :-P #physics #madness #philosophy #mind # Hari I

From humanity to ANIMALITY

The word humanity is losing its meaning. It's changing in all aspects. Gods, devils, ghost, religion, money, revenge, power, politics, terrorism, murder and all those naah-naah stuffs. All such dirty shit happens just with mankind. Animals do murder just for survival, not for money or supremacy over another. The humanity today means to involve or undergo in any of these. It has lost its face. The mankind has lost its face. People are carrying lots of negative thoughts and energy with them. They are extremely selfish. They are extremely religious. They have forgotten what does the word humanity mean in reality. How good the animals are. They are just living, they are just living happily. The days are not so far that parents will teach and guide their kids towards animality and to behave like an animal. # Hari | #humanity #animality #animals #gods #devil #ghost #religion #money #revenge #power #politic #terrorism #murder